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A Guide to the Best 10 Vape Manufacturers

In the past few years, the rise of vapes has been monumental and has been able to influence generations. If we go back a decade, our options for vaping would be very limited. However, due to the rise in technology vaping has evolved to become something different than most of us ever imagined. Currently, there are a ton of vape brands out there all competing for a market share. However, as a buyer or reseller, you should know what are the best vape manufacturers in the world.

The Best Top 10 Vape Manufacturers

There are a ton of vape manufacturers out there but with our experience, customer testimonials of the manufacturer, and popularity we have been able to carefully create a list of the best vape manufacturers out there.


fresor logo.webp

As the name might suggest, the idea behind FRESOR comes from its refreshing technology called Fresor Tech. Fresor Tech is inspired by the idea of “Fresh Vapor”, which signifies the richness and freshness of FRESOR’s vaping experience.

With an amazing line of products, FRESOR is undeniably a leading vape manufacturer with two standout technology platforms: FRESOR MAX and FRESOR NOVA. FRESOR MAX is designed for more puffs and higher power, while FRESOR NOVA excels in delivering superior flavor reproduction.


  1. Distinct Technology Platforms: FRESOR's two advanced platforms cater to specific consumer needs—MAX for performance and NOVA for flavor.
  2. Cost Efficiency: Automated and lean manufacturing processes help reduce costs.
  3. Comprehensive Services: With years of experience and a mature production management system, FRESOR offers one-stop custom services.


  • FRESOR operates solely as an OEM/ODM provider and does not sell directly to end consumers.

2. ALD Vapor


Established in 2009, ALD Vapor is a leading global vape manufacturer known for its expertise in Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems and vaping devices. Renowned for innovation and user-friendly designs, ALD Vapor offers a wide range of products including disposable vapes, pod systems, CBD vape pens, CBD pods, and refillable vape pens. 

With a dedicated team focused on maintaining strict quality standards and navigating complex regulations like PMTA and TPD, the company prioritizes excellence. ALD takes pride in its advanced atomization technology, which has revolutionized the vaping industry.

ALD Company Strength:

1. 5 vape manufacturing factories, totally over 180,000m²;
2. 4000+ employees, 500+ R&D scientists;
3. GMP, cGMP workshops;
4. Comprehensive Science Institute since 2017, Test Center Certified as CNAS Lab since 2021;
5. ISO9001, ISO13485, ISO14001, SGS ISO22000 certificated manufacturer;
6. 1500+ Global patents;
7. automatic production equipments;


3. Cilicon

Cilicon Logo.webp

Established in 2021 in Shenzhen, Cilicon stands out as a premier manufacturer in the vaping industry, ranking among the top three globally. With a commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, Cilicon specializes in crafting hardware solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of the vaping market.

At the core of their ethos is a dedication to assisting customers in mastering their products, empowering them to navigate various industrial challenges with ease. Offering bespoke customization services, Cilicon ensures that each vape pen reflects the unique preferences of its owner, with options ranging from color and branding logos to industrial design elements.

Moreover, Cilicon prioritizes product exclusivity, enabling clients to distinguish their offerings in a crowded marketplace. Through active engagement in news dissemination and industry events, they remain at the forefront of the cannabis vaping sector, providing invaluable insights into emerging trends and technologies.

Central to their product lineup is the acclaimed Cilicon DELI Series, a box-style disposable vape meticulously engineered for THC vape and CBD vape devices consumption. Boasting features such as a transparent oil window, advanced ceramic heating core, and built-in spitback guard, this series exemplifies Cilicon's commitment to innovation and quality.

To further amplify their presence, Cilicon leverages professional networks like LinkedIn and Instagram, utilizing their CILICON DESIGNED platform to showcase a diverse array of cutting-edge products. Through these channels, they reaffirm their dedication to delivering unparalleled vaping experiences to enthusiasts worldwide.

4. Lost Vape

Lost Vape was established in 2014 and quickly gained a reputation for developing innovative vaping products. Its emphasis has always been on investing in R&D due to which it can position itself as one of the best vape manufacturers out there. Lost Vape manufactures Pod Kits, Pod Mods, Box Mods, and Tanks of the highest quality that ensure you always have a hassle-free vape experience. Also, its devices come with coils in various sizes, and pods are manufactured in the range of 0.6 ohms to 1.2 ohms.

5. Vandy Vape

Vandy Vape.jpg

Vandy Vape is one of the most reputable vape manufacturers in the world. It specializes in building intelligent, sleek products including vape kits, pod mods, pod kits, and high-quality atomizers as well. Vandy Vape was founded by Stefan Z., whose sole vision was to produce products that can stand the test of time and deliver an absolutely powerful vaping experience. They have built a name for themselves in manufacturing high-quality RDA and RDTA along with BF Mods, and best-in-class vape and pod kits. It also manufactures rebuildable vape material including pre-built coils, wire rolls, Kanthal wires, and stainless steel wires.

6. Vaporesso

Established in 2015, the next on our list is one of the most renowned vape manufacturers in the world, Vaporesso. In 2016 the company released its groundbreaking vape device, TARGET which shook the world of vaping by storm. Vaporesso prides itself on the technology it uses, the ergonomics of vapes, and the reliability it offers. It offers four best-in-class products including pods, mods, tank mods, and pen-style vapes which are still popular among Vapersso users. It also ensures high-quality product manufacturing through automated production and a medical-grade factory.

7. Voopoo


Voopoo’s distinct feature is its intelligent GENE tech platform that claims to deliver a powerful tech suite of multi-analysis. The technology ensures that all their products can be powerful, control temperature, and switch modes with ease, and also host a wide range of smart functions. GENE is Voopoo’s global strategic platform that offers a high-end chip that is a central part of all devices released by Voopoo. These include its vastly popular series including Drag Series, V-series, Vinci series, and iCOSM code that induces great performance and a clean vaping experience. Furthermore, its coil capabilities range from 0.5 ohms to 1.2 ohms giving you a varied vaping experience.

8. Freemax


With over 20 million users worldwide, the next on our list is Freemax which was established in 2015 with a vision to innovate e-cigarettes. Most Freemax products come with an Intelligence Compacted FM Chip that integrates the entire product for a great vaping experience. It also produces high-grade coils and tanks for optimum vaping through an intelligent atomizer. Its most recent series, Galex, is even better than the Maxus series which is the most successful of all Freemax products. Be it pods, mods, or tanks, Freemax checks all the boxes of a high-quality vape manufacturer.

9. Eleaf

Particularly known for its iStick and iStick Power models, Eleaf has a reputation for delivering a strong MTL and big clouds.

Its coil ranges between 0.15 ohms to 1.2 ohms giving you a varied range of different products but again it has plenty of series when it comes to coils as well so you need to know what you want. As a vape manufacturer, it also manufactures an EP Pod Tank that can fit on all the coils it produces. 

Lastly, it has other models that you can explore as well, these include iStick Pico, iJust, iOre, and iSolo. A lot to choose from, we know!

10. Sigelei

Specialized in production of starter kits, vaporizer mods, atomizers, and various vaping accessories. Sigelei is a brand known for its innovative use of technology in its products. It is one of the best vape manufacturers out there that offers great control, and an authentic airflow system which delivers a strong MTL. It offers great products in three main categories that include pods, disposable vapes, and even pre-filled pod systems. With a rich history of providing great products, Sigelei has users all over the world.

The Key Criteria for Evaluating Vape Manufacturers

Why is it important to know the top vape manufacturers? Well, for one quality manufacturing should never be compromised to save a few bucks here and there. You should aim to buy from vape manufacturers that have a good reputation for selling high quality products. Secondly, there are thousands of vape manufacturers and it can be difficult to narrow down the best ones. Our experts have compiled a list of the top 10 vape manufacturers based on the quality of products, user experience, and trustworthiness.

Our criteria in selecting the top vape manufacturers are based on our professional experience with the brand, sales generated, and customer testimonials. We have used these three elements to select the best vape manufacturers out there. Also, we haven’t confined our list to a certain geography. The vape manufacturers in our list have operations all over the world. They have a sound reputation as well when it comes to manufacturing devices that are sturdy as well as portable. Also, these manufacturers leverage a science based approach which is implemented throughout their products. Using a science based approach allows these manufacturers to continuously innovate. This is the reason that with each release of a new product, they’re able to innovate better and come out with products that are durable, powerful and enjoyable.

Let’s not waste more time and dig right into the list of the best top 10 vape manufacturers.


In this article we have explored various vape manufacturers that you can trust. All of the above listed provide exceptional products that have been rigorously tested and tried to achieve perfection. If you’re looking for disposable vape manufacturers in the USA then the above listed can help you out with the products you need. Even though they might not be physically located in the US, they can still provide you with vape products that can be used and sold.

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