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Happy International Women’s Day to All FRESOR Lady

FRESOR Lady 2024 event 4- Happy Women's Day

March brings lush greenery and the melodies of birds in flight, creating an endless tapestry of springtime beauty. On this splendid day, we extend heartfelt wishes to all the female members of the FRESOR team in celebration of International Women's Day.

To mark the occasion on March 8th, we organized a vibrant event for FRESOR LADY. Against the picturesque backdrop of Shiyan Lake Greenway, our female colleagues participated in an exhilarating BodyJam aerobic exercise. The primary goal was to showcase the health, beauty, and confidence of the women in our company.

Amidst the busy work schedules, our female staff temporarily set aside their tasks to embrace the spring breeze, moving their bodies in sync with our professional instructors during an invigorating exercise session.

Check out the snapshots from the event below.

 FRESOR Lady 2024 event 1- Happy Women's Day

 FRESOR Lady 2024 event 3- Happy Women's Day

FRESOR Lady 2024 event 2 - Happy Women's Day

We wish every woman in our team to shine brightly in the professional arena, always exuding confidence, bravery, professionalism, and a positive, uplifting spirit. May each one continue to radiate their unique brilliance in both their careers and personal lives. Happy International Women's Day!


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