WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.

FRESOR's Big Breakthrough Shakes Up the European Vaping Industry

Dortmund, Germany, September 14-16, 2023 – FRESOR, as the world's Leading Vaping Technology Platform, launched upgraded FRESOR NOVA technology and its latest product, FRESOR Slim at InterTabac 2023. This marks its first-ever launch in Germany and the third foray into the European market this year, following its successful debuts at Vaper Expo UK 2023 in Birmingham, UK, and Vapitaly 2023 in Italy in May. The exhibition achieved tremendous success, leaving a lasting impression on all attendees.

FRESOR's Big Breakthrough Shakes Up the European Vaping Industry

"Where Flavor Meets Technology"

On the opening day of the exhibition, September 14th, FRESOR hosted a spectacular product launch event at booth 3.F50, themed "Where Flavor Meets Technology."

  • Upgraded FRESOR NOVA technology

During this event, FRESOR proudly unveiled its flagship offering – Upgraded FRESOR NOVA technology. This cutting-edge technology is specifically designed for small-capacity products in the European market. Thanks to the technological innovations of FRESOR Nova, such as the Flat Mesh Coil and Waterfall V-shaped Air Channel, e-liquids can be fully atomized, resulting in denser vapor clouds and an enhanced taste experience.

  • E-liquid Extraction Technology

Our dedicated research and development team utilizes cold-pressing, molecular distillation, and other processes to extract essential oils from plants, an innovative method that yields natural, water-soluble essential oils. Currently, we proudly offer three flavors: jasmine, sweet orange and grapefruit. These naturally extracted essential oils deliver a fresh, authentic flavor that ensures an unparalleled vaping experience.

Upgraded FRESOR NOVA Technology

Since we call it Upgraded FRESOR NOVA Technology, what exactly has been upgraded? That would be the Superior 6S Leak-proof Structure. This groundbreaking innovation ensures a completely leak-free vaping experience, providing the perfect solution for consumers. Building on previous major innovations, including 5-layered Composite Cotton Fiber, Flat Mesh Coil, and Waterfall V-shaped Air Channel, R&D engineers have been relentlessly iterating and updating the technology to further address user pain points. Moreover, FRESOR presented an Innovative Product Series Powered by FRESOR NOVA, which included disposable products and pod systems, offering capacities ranging from 2mL in disposable options to 14mL in open-pod systems.

Upgraded FRESOR NOVA Vape Technology

FRESOR remains dedicated to meeting the ever-evolving demands of consumers, promising continuous improvement and development to ensure our technology and products consistently lead the industry.


Born in 2022 as the leading vaping technology platform of ALD Group Limited, FRESOR currently offers two vaping solutions: FRESOR Nova and FRESOR Max.


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Website: www.fresortech.com


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