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Innovation at IECIE VAPE SHOW JAKARTA 2023: ALD Shines Brightly

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August 3rd, 2023 - ALD Group Limited, a prominent player in the vaping industry, illuminated the IECIE VAPE SHOW held in Jakarta, Indonesia. With innovative offerings and cutting-edge technology, ALD captured the hearts of industry experts and vaping enthusiasts, sharing the highlights with global partners.

Booth Brilliance: FRESOR Takes Center Stage

ALD, a frontrunner in the vaping industry, amazed attendees at booth B3D20 with a display that showcased the resplendent FRESOR. Bathed in mesmerizing hues of Aurora Blue and White, the booth created an immersive spectacle. The choice of Aurora Blue exquisitely encapsulated the brand's essence, embodying technological progress and a forward-looking ethos.

IECIE Jakarta Group Picture.webpIECIE FRESOR New Booth Design.webp

FRESOR NOVA: A Technological Marvel

IECIE VAPE SHOW JAKARTA 2023 witnessed ALD Group Limited unveiling FRESOR NOVA, a pinnacle in vaping technology, exemplifying remarkable achievements in the industry. FRESOR NOVA sets a new benchmark with its groundbreaking flat mesh technology and a 5-layer Composite Cotton Structure crafted from medical-grade cotton. This synergy guarantees unparalleled flavor purity and an extensive puff count, catering to the refined tastes of vaping connoisseurs.


Dynamic KOL Collaboration and Engaging Activities

ALD's booth buzzed with excitement as a notable KOL joined the event, adding to the allure and drawing a larger crowd. Vibrant activities and captivating contests held at the booth captivated enthusiastic participants, with numerous visitors leaving with delightful prizes and jubilant spirits.

KOL Engagement.webp

Unforgettable Booth Experience

Visitors were awed by ALD's impressive lineup, particularly the ALD Blend X1 & M1 vape devices, known for their modern design and convenience. These devices seamlessly combine disposability and refillability, offering two sizes and ensuring satisfaction for various preferences.

Blend X1 & M1.webp

A Glimpse into the Future

The convergence of pioneering strides and captivating aesthetics left a profound impact, evoking joy and contentment among visitors—a testament to ALD's resounding success at the expo. By combining advanced technology with impressive products, ALD demonstrated its strong commitment to innovation, flavor, and customer satisfaction. With each step forward and innovative design, ALD is shaping the vaping world and leaving a lasting impression on vapers worldwide.


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