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How Long Does Smell Of Weed Last

These days, weed has become the favored method among youth and patients for recreation and medicinal purposes. However, one question often arises among new and experienced users: “how long does the smell of a weed vape last?” In the article, we will explore the components in weed that produce a strong smell, whether it affects its potency or not, and how to get rid of the smell. So, keep reading!


  1. What is the Weed (Marijuana) plant?
  2. What does Weed smell like?
  3. What are the leading factors in weed plant smell?
  4. How Long Does The Weed Smell Last?
  5. How Can We Remove The Smell?

1) What is the Weed (Marijuana) plant?

“The weed is also known by many other names, such as marijuana, pot, dope, grass, but they all refer to the same female “Cannabis plant”  (Cannabis Sativa L ), which has relaxing effects on the brain.”

   Weed ( Marijuana ) plant in the forest

You can use weed ( cannabis dry herb ) in the following ways;

Time to take effect

Effect lasts

Eat it

30 min to 2 hours

Up to 8 hours

Drink it

30 min to 2 hours

Up to 8 hours

Vape it / Smoke it

Around 30 minutes

For 1 ~ 3 hours

The global weed ( marijuana ) market was valued at $27.3 billion in 2023, and that being said, it only covers the legal sales, while the illegal market will be tens of times more than this - it is one of the most selling products in the world. 

Weed is famous because of 2 main benefits;

  1. i) It makes you high
  2. ii) For medicinal purposes

i) It makes your high

Weed contains a chemical called THC ( Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol ), which reacts with the brain, telling it to increase the production of dopamines, which is responsible for making us feel pleasure, hungry, motivated, physically active, heightened sense, less pain - or in short words you can say high!

Cannabis vaping is very famous among teenagers, but due to its harmful effects, it's illegal in almost all countries for recreational purposes except a few, which are Canada, Georgia, Germany, etc.

ii) For medicinal purposes

Marijuana is also prescribed by doctors due to its 3 main characteristics;

  • Pain easing: Helpful for patients with extreme pains like Cancer, Seizures, epilepsy, etc.
  • Hungry effect: Beneficial for patients with weakness or weight loss symptoms like HIV/AIDS, etc.
  • Nausea & Vomiting suppressor: For patients going through chemotherapy.

Marijuana has all these benefits because of its THC ( Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol ), and when it is used for treating diseases or their symptoms, it is 100% legal to use in most countries.

However, the continuous use of Weed for recreation can cause different hazardous health problems that may lead to lung cancer, breathing problems, high pulse rate, intense nausea and vomiting, and several mental diseases.

2) What does Weed smell like?

Different strains of weed have different smells, but the overall familiar smell of weed smoke is spicy, like skunk spray, rotten eggs, or burnt tires.

Like all dry herbs, weeds also produce a distinctive natural odor that you can quickly identify, even from a long distance. To be honest, the smell has no pleasant associations if you are vaping cannabis; that being said, even regular smokers don’t like it.

3) What weed smell is so bad?

The main aroma-causing compounds in Cannabis are due to 2-main agents;

  • Terpenes are naturally oil-producing compounds that cause spicy, sour, and funky smells in Cannabis plants.
  • VSCs ( volatile sulfur compounds ) are also present, and they have a skunky smell.

The potency effect smell is a myth!

“You may have heard some weed smokers associating the smell of weed with its potency or strength - higher potency means a more pungent smell, but it is not valid.”

In weed, the main active agent that gets us high is THC, and it is non-volatile & odorless - meaning first, it will not evaporate out of weed, and second, even if it leaves by any chance, you will not be able to sense because it has no smell. So, the potency of weed has nothing to do with its smell.

As we already explained, the smell-causing agents are terpenes and VSCs, but they have nothing to do with potency - this smell & potency myth is advertised by brands for higher sales; don’t fall for it.

4) How Long Does The Weed Smell Last?

If you are new and worried about using weed, its vape smell will last for hours and may also get in your clothes, which everyone will recognize, which may get you punished or rejected by society. Don’t worry; we will explain everything so you can avoid the consequences.

If you are new and worried about using weed, its smell will last for hours and may also get in your clothes, which everyone will recognize, which may get you punished or rejected by society. Don’t worry; we will explain everything so you can avoid the consequences.

“In general, the smell of weed lasts for at least 3-5 hours, while in some cases, it can last for days.”

Below are the main factors that determine the smell marijuana hours;

  1. i) Quantity used: It was evident that if you use more weed, it will cause more smell that will last longer. For example, if you use 100 grams of weed in dry herb vaporizer, it will make your mouth smell more than 30 grams/day use.
  2. ii) Weed Strain Type: Different types of weed have different levels of terpenes & VSCs in them, so all of them will have different smells, and intense smells will last longer. For example, Blue Cheese weed has more VSCs than Northern Lights, so its smell is stronger and lasts longer.
  3. iii) Methods of Consumption: Yes, the methods of cannabis consumption also determine the lasting time of smell. For example, drinking or eating weed doesn’t create fumes of VSCs or terpenes, so the smell is very mild. In contrast, cigarette smoke weed will create a lot of vaporized fumes, which will get absorbed into your skin & clothes, making them smell for hours. It is important to note that a vaporizer produces a lot less fumes than smoking, so vaping weed smell fades away quickly. 
  4. iv) Ventilation Of The Room: Imagine if you are using dry herb vape in your room with the windows closed - there will be no ventilation, and all the VSCs & terpenes fumes will get absorbed in the room stuff ( curtains, mattress, clothes, etc. ), so the smell will remain for hours or even days.

5) How can we remove the smell?

Suppose you are smoking weed wax, which is making your room smell like a skunk, and suddenly,  you come to know that your family or friends will be visiting you in the next 20 minutes; what can you do?

Proper ventilation like opening your windows & doors, and switching on the fan will get rid of most of the weed smoke & smell instantly.

Light candles: The candles will burn or degrade the floating particles of weed, preventing them from being absorbed by any surface.

Boil Vinegar: The vinegar vapors chemically combine with the floating particles, turning them into odorless substances.

Use a Shower in the Bathroom: Adding water to the bathroom will create a dense atmosphere, pushing the extra air out and eliminating weed smells. Plus, the water will absorb some of the airborne smell particles and take them down the drain.

Brush Teeth/ Use mouthwash: If the smell is in your mouth, then you should use a good mouthwash or brush your teeth to eliminate that smell, especially must for dry herb vapes users.

Wash everything: If you are a regular smoker and the vaporizer smell linger in the fabric/ furniture of your room. For that wash all the fabric stuff like clothes, curtains, bedsheets, etc., and clean furniture with alcohol, to get rid of 90% pungent smells.


Excess of everything is bad, even if it's hard work, and the same goes for weed, but it is harmful even in small amounts. For example, it can get you high ( relieve all pain and problems ), and when you sober up, a sudden flood of stress will come, which will cause you to take weed again, making you an addict.

And the real problem isn’t an addiction; it is the disease called Psychosis ( curable ) and Schizophrenia ( permanent ), which lowers intelligence, distorts reality, and makes you literally mad. So, don’t worry about the smell of weed but the damage it causes to your life.

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